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Frequently Asked Questions
1 FAQs
1.1 Are you really closed on Thursdays?

Yes we are. We love all things bikes as much as you do and easily get distracted when we have a shop full of fellow riders, we can talk bikes all day! Thursday we close to the public so we can dedicate time to attend to all the maintenance and service work that keeps you going out on the trails.

Thursday is SHRED day. That means we get out to Mt Taylor and shred the trails every Thursday afternoon. No, we will not skip SHRED day for your convenience. It is of utmost importance for us to shred the trails every Thursday. It keeps us loving bikes and never feeling like bikes are work. It keeps us connected to the local riding community that we have helped build, we love helping you in-store but we love riding with you even more. Most importantly it is great for our mental health. Escaping the shop to enjoy nature on our bikes with our friends helps us all unwind and clear our heads. Hopefully we see you at Mt Taylor on a Thursday afternoon soon. 

1.2 What's the go with the dog?

That is Zuma. The greatest trail dog on the planet. Come in to say hello, Zuma loves new friends. Or even better, come for a ride and see him absolutely rip your legs off on the trails.